5 Things I Wish I Had Known

Delivering a baby is life changing in so many ways and while you can’t be prepared for every nuance, especially since each labor, delivery, and baby is different, here are the top 5 things I would go back and tell my first-time delivering self if I could. 🙂

5 Things I Wish I Had Known
Pooping – After delivery, they really want to make sure you can poop okay. It’s very terrifying to poop after delivery! Your body kind of goes in to shock and easily will “back up”. They will offer you “stool softners”, but I’ve found that these can cause cramps (like you need any more discomfort). I refuse them and take my own. I finally found a Great Solution that I can’t recommend strongly enough. I stock up on 2 natural products that save your literal butt. You can usually only find them in a health food store, so be on the lookout for them before it’s hospital time.
Aloe Vera (capsules, not the juice)
Psyllium Husk (capsule as well – get the highest dosage per capsule they offer)
Psyllium is like major fiber and acts like a bottle-brush for your intestines. It forces everything out, but without pain. I have never experienced cramping with Psyllium!
Aloe Vera is exactly that – lotion for your intestines. While the fiber is moving everything down, the Aloe Vera gives it a smooth ride. You won’t be sorry!
After delivery, I take 3 Psyllium and 2 Aloe Vera a day until you feel like your body is adjusting back to normal. I even take them while pregnant because it helps keep me regular and avoids the hemis!

Nursery – take advantage of it, guilt-free! Baby will be well taken care of and you need sleep like it’s going out of style…..well, because it is. 🙂 They always bring babe to you if she/he gets fussy and every 2-3 hours for nursing anyways.

Shrinking uterus – Nurses are great, except when they come to push on your stomach after delivery. This Hurts!! That is all. 🙂

Breastfeeding – it sucks, horribly, terribly, awfully. The first 6 weeks are hellish and far worse than delivery itself. It’s toe-curling pain in the worst way. But it gets loads better! The good news is that until your milk comes in, you’re pretty safe – so, in the hospital you should be mostly okay. The biggest change to expect is massive boob inflation…and I do mean massive. Your boobies will grow to be the size of cantaloupes after delivery – this is normal and it will not last forever. Again, just for the first 6 weeks. After that, you’ll be golden! 🙂

Shivering – I was totally unprepared for this crazy phenomenon after giving birth and it took me by surprise. Almost immediately after delivery, the Mama Shivers set in because of the trauma your body just went through. Although you can’t stop shivering for anything, it’s a great reason to snuggle that new little bundle close and share eachother’s warmth under a pile of blankets. Plus, it only lasts for about 15 minutes or so.

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