6 Things You Won’t Need (at the hospital)

I despise over-packing because it means un-packing later! For my hospital stays, I’ve learned that these seemingly essential items are better left at home.

6 Things You Won’t Need (at the hospital)
1) Nursing pads – your milk very likely will not come in until a couple of days after you are home, especially since it’s the first time your body has gone through this epic change, so buy them, but don’t bring them.

2) Box of sanitary pads – they give you awesome underwear (you’ll have to see it to love it – it’s not pretty, but it is very practical) and super great pads. You will want to use their pads as they are humongous, but just bring 1 (or 2 if you’re feeling ambitious) for the day you go home. Up until then, you won’t be ready to…downsize yet J

3) Infant diapers – they will provide diapers and wipes and boogie suckers and a thermometer, even a little hairbrush…take everything with you from that little rolling crib when you leave, because you’re paying for it anyways!

4) Baby blankets – you can bring a special take home one if you’d prefer, but keep all your other blankies at home, washed and ready. They will have plenty!

5) Diaper Bag – you don’t need to be overzealous here. You will have everything you need at the hospital and then you’re going straight home – you won’t need a diaper bag. Plus, they will likely give you one anyways.

6) Baby Nail Clippers – your baby’s little finger and toe nails will likely be pretty long after he/she arrives, but I’ve found that clipping them with a tool almost always results in accidentally nipping little fingers because their nails are super similar texture to their skin. My favorite solution is just biting them off. I know it sounds weird, but kissing little fingers is pretty much bliss even if you’re biting tiny nails. J

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