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Yesterday, my daughter did a fantastic job of writing about being the oldest of five kids. Today, my husband and I had nothing on our Saturday calendar, so we opted for the rare treat of an afternoon nap. Here’s the hilarious play-by-play to give you a glimpse into life as parents of five kids (although, I’m quite sure many of you can relate to this scene no matter how many kids you have).IMG_1026

Toddler down for nap while other 4 play sweetly together.

Parent Nap Commences.

10 minutes later…. Oldest daughter walks casually in to our room, to which my husband dramatically whispers, “And so it begins…”, and asks if she can have a snack and some screen time. We whisper a yes and she leaves the room, Leaving The Door Open!

5 Minutes Pass.

Doorbell rings….parents sigh.

10 minute interval of drifting back to sleep.

3rd Oldest Daughter literally waltzes in and asks to have a snack. Parents say yes in a controlled whisper and ask her to please close the door on her way out.

5 Minutes Later

Toddler is awake and can be heard shrieking downstairs because he didn’t get his desired snack.

Parents’ annoyed eyes fly open and we lie in wait, hoping that calamity will be resolved without adult intervention. Snack is dispersed, shrieking ends, adult eyes close.

10 Minutes Later

Phone Rings

Chris jumps out of bed like he’s on fire and takes the call, while I roll over and wish for sleep, but little feet are already on their way up the stairs and little arms are outstretched for sweet hugs.

Napping was a nice idea, in theory.
IMG_1028Parenting is not for those who need sleep as a means of survival!

As parents, our days are filled with the opportunity to be annoyed or to refocus on why we became parents in the first place, and what it means to live out real love. Parenting is about choosing to love Jesus by loving little hands, little feet, and discipling young hearts for Him while we beg God for enough patience to answer gently when we are frustrated, love tenderly when we are exhausted, and to remain consistent in our interactions with our children.

Parenting is an immensely difficult life-long task, but is worth every bit of investment because just as we faithfully love on and pour in to our children, so is our Heavenly Father faithfully pouring out His love into our own hearts, gently shaping and molding, and teaching us what it means to love Him more deeply just as we are loved.

Of all tasks, parenting is replete with the need for constant redemption, forgiveness, and at least enough sleep to keep from passing out. 🙂

What are your funny kid stories of the week?