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I’m passionate about many things, but one of the most important to my heart is parenting. Not just because I have a bunch of kids, or because I love to snuggle newborns, or watch my kids learn to read, write and reduce fractions, but because, as a Christ-follower, part of my calling is to teach, train, and disciple in righteousness. It’s not easy, in fact it’s downright grueling and difficult (some days more than others), but it’s worth it. To have a hand in building little hearts and lives to make an eternal difference because they too are part of God’s Kingdom is more crucial than pretty much anything else I could commit my time to. It beats out running and coffee drinking and reading and hanging out with friends and even ministry in the church because if I don’t do this well, then I have missed one of my biggest purposes. All my other passions are trumped by parenting, except for two. My marriage and my relationship with Jesus. By building both of those, strength, vitality, and passion are vicariously poured into parenting.

Whether you’re a fellow mom or dad running the marathon of parenting, or you’re deeply invested in the hearts of kids around you who aren’t your own, join me on these parenting pages because we all need encouragement for this season of adventure!

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