Birth Stories

There is nothing quite as incredible or life changing as the birth of a new life. Each one is dramatic and amazing in its own right. I love hearing birth stories of friends; each testimony is so personal, but still so relatable from one mommy heart to another. Perhaps one of the reasons I love birth stories so much is because they remind me of the wonder of a whole new heart that is birthed when Christ redeems a sinner. It’s an unfathomable mystery that I just can’t get my mind around. One heart, condemned to an eternity apart from a loving God, being restored, made new, and birthed for an entirely new life. It takes my breath away, even more than physical birth stories.

Below are the unique beginnings of my amazing treasures. I hope they will make you smile, relate on some level, and maybe even remind you that there is more than just this life; a grander story that begins when one heart surrenders to an incredible redeeming love of the Creator!

Hailey’s Birth Story

Noah’s Birth Story

Hannah’s Birth Story

Lydia’s Birth Story

Josiah’s Birth Story

Elijah’s Birth Story

Isaac’s Birth Story – updated with pictures and video!

Want to share your birth stories? I will post them here and link back to your site (if desired). Send me an email!

*This page still has some updates coming! Check back soon for new stuff!

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