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Broken and in chains.
Rejected and despised.
Pitied without hope.
Wretched beyond redemption.

That’s the image of the man in Mark’s biblical account of an incredible story. The man’s brokenness ran so deep that in attempt to be free from his attacks and the shame he brought, his community chained him up in the cemetery and ignored him as much as possible.

How akin to our own broken places!

Those hurts, those scars, that bitterness, that anger, that wound….all so broken and filled with shame that sometimes the only thing we seem to be able to do is hide it away, chain it up, and try to ignore it as best as we can.

But then, Jesus walked into the graveyard.
He called out the brokenness by name and sentenced it to death.
He loosed the chains, set the man’s mind on new things, and redeemed his heart from the deepest parts.
The man’s brokenness didn’t end with death as was expected, his hurt was healed by redemption and a fresh start.
No matter what name our “brokenness” takes on, Christ stands in our graveyard, ready to redeem, renew, and heal us, giving us a new hope and new purpose!

Take Heart! Christ never leaves a graveyard the same way He found it.
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