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In the middle of something.
That’s where I always am.

When my kids ask for something, when a friend asks how my marriage is going, when someone asks what our ministry plans are. We’re always here, right in the middle of it.

Sometimes the “here” is planned and organized and clearly mapped out, but rarely.
Most often, “here” is messy and unscheduled; the chaos of life at the moment.

As I lean into the everyday mess of here, I pray that I will be present in the moment to engage with my kids, be ready with love for my spouse through thick and thin, and that my heart would be open and my ear tuned to my Father. I will pray for courage to reach out my arms to embrace the precious truth of the beautiful gospel.

If I can practice holding out the richness of Christ’s gracious gospel in every moment of “here”, then I can know with confidence that my messy moments will have redeemable eternal benefits in the “then”.