Isaac Olin

The birth story of Isaac Olin

Having a home birth was something I had shuddered at when I had my first baby….Like you must live in the boonies or brush your teeth with moss or something to even consider a home birth. 🙂 But, the more babies I had and the huge difference I noticed when I gave birth with a midwife (at the hospital) versus a doctor made me change my mind.
I began to see birth itself differently.
Not just a procedure to get your kids out,
but rather a beautiful piece of LIFE to revel in and walk through!
I was convinced, but my man….well, I just figured it would probably never happen, so I stopped bringing it up as an option. 🙂

Fast forward to Christmas Eve 2014. I was roughly 6 weeks from my due date with Isaac, and Chris asked me if I would ever want to consider a home birth.
I was floored, but said a giddy yes!
After interviewing several midwives and trying to find someone who could jump in so late in pregnancy, we settled in on Amber Walla of Sacred Song Homebirth. She was fabulous from the first meeting! Warm, down to earth, kind-hearted, and truly capable.
As long as we were shooting for the stars with trying a homebirth, I began to ask Chris what he thought of having our birth photographed. That was an instant no that eventually became a yes, I’m sure only because of how incredible my husband is! We met with Morgan Lang of Beautiful Birth KC and were so taken with her genuinely kind personality combined with her gorgeous photography skills. Now all we had to do was wait!

February 5th, 2015 was my long-awaited due date, but it came and went. We spent the day trekking out to Science City on a field trip for the kids and nearly getting snowed in downtown. But no baby.

February 6th I visited with our midwife, Amber, who stretched my cervix a bit (all the way to a 5 ½) and assured me that baby was low and ready. That night, we ordered in barbeque and watched a family movie and then snuggled in for another sleep wondering if baby would come.
I woke up at 1:36am to use the restroom and realized that I was clearly not having any contractions and resigned myself to the fact that labor wasn’t happening tonight either. At 1:43am, I woke up as my water broke. I literally almost fell out of bed with giddy excitement as I repeated out loud to myself, “This is for real!!” After I went to the Isaac-birth-3bathroom, paused for a contraction, and had called both ladies, I waddled largely to the basement guest room where my amazing husband historically camps out for the last trimester of pregnancy. He heard me coming and together we walked hand in hand back upstairs. With no hospital to rush to and no bag to throw in the car, we just smiled and giggled as we realized that the only thing we had to do was just wait to meet our baby.

We walked our hallways looking at the pictures of our other precious babies and reminiscing about their births. We stood by the empty crib as I worked through Isaac-birth-11contractions. We walked up and down the stairs a few times. Both Amber and Morgan had arrived, but were so quiet, just watching the story unfold, it really felt like it was just Chris and I and our unborn. It was peacefully beautiful.

Around 3:15am, I felt disappointed that my contractions seemed to be weakening, although Chris insisted that they weren’t. Amber suggested the Jacuzzi and because Isaac-birth-25delivery still seemed a long ways off, relaxing in the tub sounded nice. The water was soothing and the perfect arena for working through more contractions. I knew I didn’t want to deliver in it though and started to get uncomfortable. Chris suggested the bed to rest so I obliged, but apologetically told Amber that it seemed like labor was going so slow and decreasing in intensity. Chris had held my hand through every other birth and he knew I was definitely not slowing down and quietly told Amber that delivery was soon.
Isaac-birth-43I was in bed with the lights dimmed as my contractions gradually became more intense. I actually felt my baby moving down from inside, which was amazing! After about 20 minutes of crazy hard work with my man right beside me, I knew it was time to push. I feared pushing with all that I had, yet still loved it, as I knew my baby was minutes away. I ignored it, telling no one, but as it came back, I gritted my teeth to whisper, “I don’t want to push!”
But push I did.
My body took over and I begged for mercy, screamed for Jesus to help me. I wept for the joyful agony of the painful beauty of birth and welcoming life.
Chris said he could see the head, Amber said Baby had beautiful hair. I wept, I pleaded for strength. I said I couldn’t do it.
I felt my baby’s head and felt like my heart was breaking for the gift of life.
Screams, pressure, and baby’s head was born. Another pause to breathe, streams of tears Isaac-birth-62as my emotions flooded me, another bone wracking push
and baby was here!
4:43 am, exactly 3 hours from my first contraction.
February 7, 2015, exactly 11 months from sweet Elijah’s birthday from my body and into Jesus’ arms. A redemption so precious I could almost taste it.

Amber and Chris pulled Baby to my chest and the world stood still, time froze as my eyes met my baby’s for the first time. Perfect eyes, wide open, unblinking beauty.
Tiny mouth in an “O” and dark, stormy eyes that took everything in. Isaac-birth-70

Hello, Lovely.

“You’re so beautiful! You’re so tiny!” I repeated over and over.
“Father, thank You! Thank you, Jesus!”

Then the big news; Chris looked at me, “It’s a BOY!”
Isaac-birth-59A Boy?! Incredulous was an understatement.
The merciful Father giving us a boy after losing our son, Elijah?
Redemption in the sweetest, most tender way!
I brought him close and couldn’t breathe in enough of his new life.
With my son’s curly white cord still attached and the placenta not yet delivered, I asked Chris to bring in the siblings.
Isaac Olin was minutes old and we were all together as a family.
Homebirth at its best. Isaac-birth-83

The kids greeted their tiny new brother with an awe and excitement that left them speechless.
It was like a dream for all of us.
Chris took our son and I prepared for the afterbirth while the kids went out. I pushed, but only had eyes for Daddy with Isaac. Isaac-birth-91
Daddy cut the cord and Isaac was free.
After plenty of snuggles and loving,
Isaac wIsaac-birth-117eighed in at 7lbs, 8oz, 20 inches long.

Welcome to the world, Isaac Olin, you were loved from the beginning and so you will always be as you go and grow and learn to love as the Father who created your inmost being.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord, who gives,
who takes away, and authors abundant life in His own Son.

*Morgan Lang did a phenomenal job putting together pictures and live video of Isaac’s birth. We are So Glad we chose her to record Isaac’s grand entrance!
Here is his Birth Video!

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