Mexican Favorites

If I could only eat one genre of food for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican, hands down. My husband, definitely not, but he humors me and we work in some spicy Mexican food on our date nights anyways. Yes, he’s a good man 🙂

#1 Ixtapa by Zona Rosa
We wandered into this small restaurant on a date night after checking some last minute Yelp reviews and it was love at first sight! We happened to be one of the only customers that evening and the owner gave us his undivided attention with his thick accent, love for food, and desire to please his patrons. I was instantly mesmerized and later told my husband we had to go back just so I could listen to his stories again. As the owner proudly states, “We aren’t just the best Mexican restaurant in Kansas City, we are the only Mexican restaurant in Kansas City!” Ixtapa’s food is the real deal and one-of-a-kind in KC as far as we know. On occasion, we’ve even taken the kids here and they love the hot tortillas and the chance to try out their Spanish.
Favorites: Queso Fundido (appetizer), Pollo Ixtapa (main dish – ask for tortillas on the side)

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