My 6 Favorite Post-Partum Products

If there’s ever a time to pamper yourself, the days after delivery are prime time! If you know an expecting mama, these all make for great gifts that are sure to be appreciated!

1) Breast Wrap – Your brain will be mush, but your boobs will be firm melons that are excruciating to the touch – even the touch of water in the shower. This little number helped me tremendously.

2) Nursing Cover – these are my absolute favorite covers! They come in tons of colors and are extremely light material, very breathable for baby.

3) Hospital Gown – every new mama wants to feel pretty and like a real woman again after delivery. These are pricey, but you can ask for one for a shower gift!

4) Nursing Pads – If you’re nursing, these are a must. My tried and true favorite is Johnson and Johnson.

5) Nursing Cami’s – These are *awesome* – definitely my favorite clothing item while nursing! Super comfy, very long, multiple color choices, and can layer with anything. Worth the money for sure!

6) Bedside Sleeper – If you decide to co-sleep, this is fantastic. It fits in bed with you and keeps baby safe while keeping her/him close. Because we co-slept with this sleeper, my sleep deprivation was drastically minimized. Plus, it’s pretty awesome to cuddle up with a newborn and never have to leave your bed J

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