14 Hospital Bag Essentials

When you finally get around to packing the hospital bag, the feeling of, “It’s about to get real!” settles in. It can be daunting not knowing what to bring and it can be hard to find good information on what to pack that’s actually practical.
With my first baby, I took enough stuff to stay for a week!
Here’s my tried and true list of 14 “must haves” for your hospital stay.

14 Hospital Must Haves
1) Cozy socks – think the super fuzzy ones that can double as slippers. Your feet will get cold – odd but true.

2) Comfy clothes to wear home and also to change into on the days when you’re still at the hospital – no one wants to wear a gown for 2 or 3 days! I suggest the pants you’ve used for PJ’s for the last couple of months. Something expandable and not tight. Something that will make you feel like a real person without the pressure of cute jeans…

3) Toiletries – most important? Body soap you love, shaving gel, and a razor – you will want to feel like a normal, clean woman after delivery!

4) Phone charger and any other electronic chargers you plan on bringing.

5) Journal – to record those first few memories that you will forget if you don’t write them down (trust me…it seems like you’ll never forget, but you will!)

6) Nursing Bras – you really only need one, but if it makes you feel better, you can always bring two.

7) Sharpie – I know this sounds crazy, but the nurses want to keep track of baby’s poops and wets. Your brain is mush and you won’t remember. Just bring a sharpie and mark it on the diaper P (poop) or W (wet) and don’t throw them away until the nurse asks. You won’t have to remember anything!

8) Tracking Feedings – Nurses also want to know when your baby ate and for how long. Honestly, I’m always just guessing and throwing out a time that seems reasonable (mushy….brain….). Your best bet is to use your phone and just make a note when babe starts nursing. Another little trick I learned is to label which side you nursed from and at what time. You will forget!

9) Hairties (at least I wanted these…. Every time I nursed, my hair was tickling the baby, so just be advised 🙂 )

10) Baby Outfits – You don’t need an outfit for every day your baby is in the hospital. Plus, you’ll want to be skin to skin with little one as often as you can. Onesies are a great choice, but even those, the hospital will supply. Though I do like to bring a few of my own because they are cuter – just keep in mind that if he dirties one, it’s going to stay dirty until you get home to wash it….yuck! Don’t forget his going home outfit though!

11) Carseat – The hospital staff won’t let you take your baby home without it!

12) Overnight Clothes
– this set is for your partner, if he is staying at the hospital.

13) Pillow – If you’re like me, your own comfy pillow can make even the most uncomfortable bed dreamy. Just don’t forget to bring it home with you, which I have done. 🙁 Using a bright colored pillow case helps it to stick out from hospital white.

14) Psyllium Husk & Aloe Vera (see “5 Things I Wish I Had Known” for more info)

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