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IMG_1141We just celebrated our oldest daughter’s twelfth birthday and I found myself astonished that so much life had passed so quickly. We’ve celebrated every moment along the way and, before I knew it, she went from buckled in an infant carrier to sitting in the front seat next to me. She knows all the words to every song on the radio. Her Instagram account is full of good friends who I know and trust and she takes selfies like a pro. She IMG_0465wears the same size of shoe as me, shaves with the same gel scent that I do, and she takes her coffee the same way I do…with chocolate. She’s careful with her money (she deliberated for 20 minutes on whether to spend $4 on a cute hoodie at a recycle store), she bakes delicacies that I would never have dreamed up, and her curiosity peeks my own interest.

Every season, I unbox her old clothes to pass on to her younger sisters and I can’t help but see her twirl and laugh in every outfit I unfold. fall-026_315921439_o
These were hers first.
She wore them, she played in them, she cried in them, and then she grew out of them.
The Minnie Mouse nightgown that she wore to her first sleepover.
The frilly, yellow Easter dress that she spilled pink juice on.
That purple top with a tie that looked so old on her then.
Those jeans with the buttons on the cuff that matched her sassy spirit.
All so small now because it’s a new season.

New clothes, new opportunities, new friends, new challenges, new growth.

dsc01337_2304670389_oMy baby girl doesn’t like pink anymore (although she likes “coral”…). She doesn’t let me do her hair in pigtails. She doesn’t need help to brush her teeth or practice her “double facts” and she doesn’t ask me to read to her.
Those days are long gone.

But she does ask me to chat with her before bed every single night.
She asks me for advice and then wisely (most of the time) makes her own choices.
She loves to spend time with me, she loves grocery shopping with me (and even for me!), she is always ready for hugs and she still holds my hand.

I have loved every season, but I’m going to keep leaning in to this one and IMG_0334keep investing in our relationship now because I don’t want to miss a sweet moment of all that’s to come.
Plus, I kind of love sharing shoes with her!


*This was written for Five Minute Friday