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climbing-1434065-1279x1923I am a dedicated hard worker. The closer a deadline gets, the more focused my attention becomes, like a laser….ready to blow up anyone who interferes with my pointed focus. Tragically, my kids and husband are often the casualties of my rising angst as I hone in on my appointed task. Whether it’s preparing tomorrow’s school lessons, finishing the laundry, making my precious “lists”, or mopping the floors, my “try” rules supreme.

In all my perfection-seeking and “finish strong” work ethic, I know that the drive behind it all isn’t really honorable. I’m working to please myself….even though it might look like I’m doing it for others. The ugly truth is that “pride” drives my “try”.

I want to check the box.
I want the glory of the finish line.
I want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Amidst the clamor of my prideful trying, I so often miss the still small voice that says, “Rest. My yoke is easy and my burden is light”. The marks of a good and faithful servant don’t depend upon my abilities, my checked boxes, or my many finish-line trophies. Rather my reward is found in the matter of turning my trying into trusting and allowing God to be my perfect work instead of working so hard for my perfect.

The beauty of the gospel strips away my pride, takes my drive for “try” and re-purposes it to doing actions fueled by loving grace. Grace for others and myself as I see my life through the perfect reflection of undeserved mercy flowing from the cross of Christ’s redemption.

*This was written for Five Minute Friday