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photoI see you there, Mama, carrying those extra baby pounds, boobies sagging farther than you’d like, your beautiful face framed with lines and beauty marks that weren’t always there. As I watch you walk around the pool keeping children in line and tossing a ball to your son, I imagine the younger you. Slimmer figure, longer hair, flawless skin, carefree smile, and a sway to your hips as you catch the eye of that teenage boy looking cute with his summer tan.

What if I told you that you are more beautiful today than you were then?

The lessons you’ve learned, the way you wear love.
The children you’ve born.
The husband you’ve fought with, loved on, and made a marriage work with.
The relationships you’ve invested in.

You’re more beautiful today than you were then.

Your confidence has grown and you reach out with friendship instead of relying on your figure to get attention.
Your eyes have lost their innocence, but the depth they hold and the warmth they extend are richer and sweeter.
Your thighs are rounder, your hips are wider, but with all that you’ve gained in family, in wisdom, and the way you’ve come to know the richness of love, I bet you wouldn’t trade it to have that teenage figure again no matter what you tell yourself in the mirror.

So, next time you glance at your own imperfect body parts, remember how much you’ve gained to get where you are.
When you glance at that 16 year old girl with an hourglass figure and impeccable skin, look into her future and know that someday she will look back and wonder when she “lost” her beauty.
The truth is that someday she will be more beautiful than she is now, just like you.

Someday, when your hair has silvered and you rest and watch children instead of dance with them,
you will be even more beautiful than you are today. 

Beauty is the way you clothe yourself in character, the way you walk with grace, the way you listen with compassion, and the way you love deeply. Delight in your beauty today, invest in it for tomorrow, and be grateful to a Creator who delights over you no matter your age or how you measure beauty.

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